Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and His church is the vehicle He has chosen to communicate the good news to the world,

and to walk in love and truth to deliver the love He gave us.

At Mountainside we are on a mission with Jesus to bless the world and to help individuals join in the mission with us by

communicating the Gospel in word, deed and attitude.

At Mountainside we have worked to develop a culture where every person is valued, has a safe place to connect with God and others,

can find their personal mission to bless the world, and can discover their role in God’s church.

We celebrate the diversity in God’s church and feel connected with other churches in our community. We are not in competition with them.

Not everyone will find a home at Mountainside, but we can love, support, appreciate and encourage each other toward greater things in God.

Please feel welcome to visit us and discover what it is that makes Mountainside a unique expression of the Body of Christ in the Coal Region. You will be welcomed and valued.